Ottomobile OT279 1/18 BMW M3 (E36) Cabriolet 1995 Estoril Blue

Ottomobile OT279 1/18 BMW M3 (E36) Cabriolet 1995 Estoril Blue

Artikel-Nr.: Ottomobile OT279

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Ottomobile OT279 1/18 Decast Modellcar BMW M3 (E36) Cabriolet 1995 Estoril Blue

1/18 Diecast Modell von Otto-Models

Neu im org. Karton Türen und Motorhaube lassen sich nicht öffnen.

- ID: OT279

- Maßstab 1/18

- Jahr 1995

- Farbe: Estoril Blue

- Limitierte Edition : 2000 Stück

- Poly-Resine Modelle

- Tampon Druck und detaillierte Decals

- Foto Ätzteile   

In 1995, 3 years after its launch, BMW reinvented the sultry M3 by equipping it with a 3.2L cylinder engine. Its ethestic remains relatively sober, but its performances outmatched all its rivals. With 321 horsepower she was the best sports car in her category, and even managed to beat her competitors in terms of price. With a sedan, coupé and cabriolet version produced, she quickly became an icon in the ranks of sports BMWs. Nowadays this particular generation of the car is still sought after thanks to its adaptability and various qualities, still considered modern by many.

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