Ottomobile Decast 1/18 OT690 BMW E34 M5 Phase I

Ottomobile Decast 1/18 OT690 BMW E34 M5 Phase I

Artikel-Nr.: Ottomobile OT690

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Ottomobile Ottomodels 1/18 OT690 BMW E34 M5 Phase I

1/18 Diecast Modell von Otto-Models

Neu im org. Karton Türen und Motorhaube lassen sich nicht öffnen.

- ID: OT690

- Maßstab 1/18

- Farbe:  Black I 086

- Limitierte Edition : 2000 Stück

- Poly-Resine Modelle

- Tampon Druck und detaillierte Decals

- Foto Ätzteile   

For this new 5th series, the Bavarian manufacturer asked that its subsidiary, Motorsport, improve it further. The fabulous 6-cylinder line engine was pushed to 315 horsepower, giving this bourgeois car a distinct sports car feel. The road handling of the car was completely reviewed, with the car being lowered, equipped with larger anti-roll bars, as well as firmer springs. This BMW became as powerful as a Ferrari, as reliable as a Porsche, and was a unique car in the industry. It paved the way for a new generation of sedan sports cars.

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